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Christian baby girl name start with ‘S' - Latest 2020

Select Meaningful Christian baby girl name start with ‘S' for your little princess from our list.

Christian baby girl name start with S

Important Instruction - Before choosing Christian name for your girl start with ‘A’ makes sure:
  • Choose the name to your child with positive attributes - Your baby deserves a good name that conveys positive values. Please Don’t choose a name that has negative attributes Like dullness or awkwardness. Instead, think a name that you associate with wellness, beauty, intelligence, strength and independence.
  • Be conscious about how the name sounds - Make sure your child’s name will sound better with your surname. To find it out say the first and last name loudly to find out how both names and surname sound together.
  • Make sure to check the initial of each name. An Example If you select name for your baby ‘Rosy’ and your name is Adam and your surname is Taylor. By taking the initial of each word you saw ‘RAT’. Don’t do such a mistake. Choose a name that does not spell out an unexpected word.
  • Imagine your baby Girl as an adult with your selected Christian names for girls starts with ‘S’.
  • Also, check the meaning of your selected Christian names for girls starts with ‘S’.

Christian baby girl name starts with ‘A' With meaning

Samara Believe, Consider
Samantha Equality, Lord Has Heard
Shanvia Shining Moon
Sharina Brainy
Sharlene Free Lady, Little And Womanly
Shayna Beautiful
Sherine Sweet, Cute
Siena A City In Tuscany
Snita A Gentle, Delicate
Smily Happy, A Lovely Face
Sobia Good And Noble
Soffia Wisdom
Sonia Russ
Suzan A Flower, Lily
Suzana Lily
Suzie Looks Like A Rose Or A Lily, Elegant
Sweeti Sweet, Cute, Pretty
Swizel Child Of God
Saara Superior, Best Star, Nobel Princess
Saarah Cute, Lovable, Happy Person, Partner
Sabelia Name Of An Ancient Tribe
Sabina Indolent, Form Of Sabine
Sable Black-Haired
Sabra Thorny Cactus
Sabreena Form Of Sabrina
Sabrina From The Border, Sword
Saddie A Princess
Sadee A Famed Princess
Sadie A Princess, Lady, Kindness, Ransom
Safa Clarity, Pure, Innocent
Safaia The Sapphire Stone
Saffron Flower Name, It Produce A Bright
Safranka A Saffron Flower
Saharra The Lord Shiva
Saige A Form Of Sage
Saina Princess, Reflection Of Sai, Cute
Sajonara Farewell
Sajra A Form Of Sara, Meaning Princess
Salali Squirrel, Accumulator
Salato A Tree
Saleena The Moon
Salena The Moon
Salette A Form Of Sally, Princess
Sali Friend, Companion
Salina The Moon, Light, Shine, Heaven
Salli Princess, Noble Lady
Sallie Lady, Princess, Gracious Lady
Sally Princess, Noble Lady
Saloma Quiet, Peace, Silence
Salome Harmony, Serenity
Salomi Stillness
Salomia Peace, Harmony
Salviah Healthy, Whole
Samaira A Piece Of Moon
Samata Equality
Samena Secret
Samira Pleasant Community
Samlin Beauty, Prettiness
Sammantha One Who Listens Well
Sammara Ruled By God
Sammi The God
Samuel Her Name Is God
Sana Prayer, Resplendence, Brilliance
Sanaya Shine, Ancient, Perpetual, Long
Sanctity Holiness
Sandie Protector Of Mankind, Helper
Sandra Form Of Alexander, Assistant
Sanela Healthy, Strong
Sang Hee Benevolence, Pleasure
Sanica True Beauty
Sapphire Blue Gemstone, Blue Jewel, A Blue
Sara Princess, Queen, Pure, Lady
Saraa A Princess
Sarah Princess, Lady, Woman Of High
Sarahi A Princess
Sarai My Princess
Saranna Compound Of Sarah, Princess
Sarea Name Of An Angel
Sari Princess, Essence
Sariah A Princess
Sarina Princess, Lady, Form Of Sarah, One
Sarinna A Princess
Sarka Maiden Who Aids In Battle
Sarlota Strong, Powerful
Sarlote Free Man
Saron Plain, Song
Sarrah A Princess
Sarrina A Princess
Sasha Defending Men
Sassa God Is Beautiful
Sauda Dark, Beautiful
Saundra Unheeded Prophetess
Savana Plateau, Stability
Savanah Plateau
Savanna Treeless, The Open Plain
Savannah Grassland Without Trees
Saverina The New House
Savi Sun, Sunlight, Star
Sazia Unique Beauty, Angry
Sbtinka Magical Dancer
Scarlet Bright Red, Red, Joy, Peaceful
Scarlett Bright Red
Schaely Fairy Forte
Scholastica Scholar
Scotia Dark One
Scout One Who Discovers, To Observe
Seanna God Is Gracious
Searria Velvety Black, God Of The Seas
Sebrina A Form Of Sabrina
Seeba Reward, Youthfulness
Seelia A Form Of Sheila
Seka Sister
Sela Savior
Selah The End, A Pause, Cliff, Rock
Seleena Of The Moon
Selena Lunar, Of The Moon
Selene From Selina, Lunar Glow
Selenna The Moon
Selenne The Moon
Selestine Heavenly, Divine
Selima Brings Comfort
Selina Star In The Sky, Moon
Selinna Of The Moon
Selma Fair, Protected By God
Selvam Wealth, Beauty
Selvi Happy Prosperous Daughter
Selvia Simple Of Joy, Wealth
Selvy Happy Prosperous Daughter
Sempronia Eternal, Everlasting
Senada Graceful, Heavenly
Sence Saintly, Holy
Senora Chamorro Word For Lady
Senorita Sweet
Septima The Seventh One
Sera Princess, Burning One, Serpent
Serafina From Seraphim
Seraphina From Seraphim
Serena Joy, Quiet, Calm, Peaceful
Serenata Serenade, Evening Music
Serenity Equanimity, Serenity
Serina Peaceful, Serene, Calm
Serita Form Of Sarah, Princess
Servane Service Of God
Sesila Croatian Form Of Cecilia
Sesilia Estonian Variant Of Cecily
Shaana Beautiful
Shaaron From The Plains
Shada Pelican
Shaelyn One Who Is Noble, Attractive, Hawk
Shaina Beautiful, Happiness, Lucky
Shaine Beautiful
Shainna God Is Gracious
Shallinna Black, Rain Forest, Queen
Shally Lovable, Balanced
Shalom Peace
Shamira Protector
Shana Beautiful
Shana Beautiful, Old, Ancient
Shanae From Shana
Shanaya God Gift, First Ray Of The Sun
Shanee A Amazing Woman
Shanelle Channel
Shanice A Form Of Janice, God Is Gracious
Shanika God Is Gracious
Shanna Form Of Shana, Shannon, Old
Shannee God Is Gracious
Shannia Attractive, Beautiful
Shantay Enchanted
Shantel Like A Stone, Boulder, To Sing
Shany Curiosity, Marvellous, Ancient
Shaquana Truth In Life
Shaquanna Truth In Life
Shaquitta Blessed
Sharee A Form Of Shari
Sharen A Form Of Sharon
Shari From Fertile Fields, Forests
Sharis Flat Plain
Sharla Simple, Little And Womanly, Place
Sharlet Shining Star
Sharly Loved
Sharlyn Stunning, Beloved
Sharmain Pure, Little And Womanly, Female
Sharne Desert Plain
Sharon Plain, Princess
Sharona Place Name, A Plain
Sharonda The Plains
Sharonn From The Plains
Sharri From The Plains
Sharron In The Holy Land, The Plains
Sharukina Female Version Of Sharukin
Sharyl Little And Womanly, Darling
Sharyn Plain
Shauna God Is Gracious
Shaunna God's Gift
Shavonn One Who Is Open
Shavonne Holy, God, Lord Is Merciful
Shawn God Is Gracious
Shawna God Is Merciful
Shawnita Blue Diamond
Shawnna God Is Gracious
Shaye Supplanter, Hawk Like
Shayla Blinded, From The Fairy Palace
Shaylla A Gift From God
Shaynee God Is Gracious
Shaynna Beautiful
Shaynne God Is Gracious
Sheba Success, Morning
Shebah Morning
Sheeja Water
Sheena Female Version Of John, The Lord
Sheenna The God
Sheera A Song
Sheila Blinded, Slang Term For Woman
Shelah Request Sheri
Shelbe Forms Of Shelby
Shelbee Forms Of Shelby
Shella Stone, Little Mountain
Shellbie Forms Of Shelby
Shelley Meadow On The Ledge
Shellie Field On The Ledge
Shellon Pleasure
Shelly From The Ledge Meadow
Shena The Lord Is Gracious
Shenice God Is Gracious, Merciful
Shenna Lord Is Gracious
Shequile Fifth, The Goddess Of Beautiful
Sherah Relative, Flesh, Relationship
Sheree Darling, Dear, Beloved, A Man
Shereen Sweet, Darling, Dear, Kind Hearted
Sherelyn Beautiful, Beloved
Sheri From Sharon
Sherie Darling, Little And Womanly
Sherill Little And Womanly, Darling
Sherilyn Beloved, Dear, Man, Darling Lake
Sherin Very Sweet
Sherleen A Form Of Sheryl
Sherley A Form Of Shirley, Bright Meadow
Sherlyn Beloved, Beautiful
Sherone Pearl
Sherri Beloved
Sherridan A Seeker
Sherrie Darling, Dear, Man
Sherry Darling, Beloved, Dear, A Plain
Sherryll Charity
Sheryl Form Of Cheryl, Similar To Cherry
Sheryll Charity
Sheryn Plain, Singer
Sheshebens Small Duck
Shevaun God Is Gracious
Sheyla Blind
Sheylla A Gift From God
Shiann A Gift From God, Beautiful
Shiena Yahweh Is Merciful, Gracious
Shiera Beautiful
Shierley Precious Gift
Shimeka A Beautiful Princess
Shincy Bright, Cute
Shiny Glorious, Shining, Brightness
Shiphrah Pretty, Fair, Trumpet
Shira A Song
Shiri Song Of My Soul
Shirlee Bright Meadow
Shirlene A Form Of Shirley
Shirley Shining Meadow, Bright
Shivali Goddess Parvati, Beloved
Shiyona Graceful, Happy
Shobi Glorious
Shofia Variant Of Sohpia
Shofiya Woman Of Wisdom, Form Of Sophie
Shona Gold, Red, A Tributary Of Ganga
Shonda The God
Shooshan Lily
Shoshana Lily
Shoshanah Rose
Shukhia The Light, Glowing
Shulamit Tranquil, Peaceful
Shulamite Perfect, Peaceful
Shuman Rattlesnake Handler
Shyla A Form Of Sheila
Shyla Blind, Daughter Of The Mountain
Shylla One Who Is Blind
Shyni Bright, Happiness
Sial Cute - Sweet
Siale A Flowering Bush
Sibila Vision, Revelation, Oracle
Sibilla Prophetess, Oracle
Sibley Sibling
Sibyl Prophetess, Seer, Oracle
Sibylla Seer, Oracle, Prophetess
Sienna From Siena, Reddish Orange-Brown
Sierra Saw
Siete Tongan Word Of Jet Stone, Or The Color Black
Sif The Second Wife Of The Norse God
Sifra Daughter Of God
Signy One Who Brings New Victories
Sigourney Winning Conqueror
Sigrid A Beautiful Wisdom The Victory Brings
Sigrun To Achieve Secret Victories
Sigrunn The Secret Victories
Sihu Flower
Siiri A Fair, Beutiful Woman
Sikota The Kingfisher Bird
Sikudhani A Lovely Surprise
Sikueli Tongan Word For Squirrel
Sila A  Who Is Full Of Strength, Power
Silafi Tongan Word For Giraffe
Silby Beautiful
Sile She Who Is Full Of Youth
Silgy Good Looking
Silja A Short For Cecilia
Silka A Dim-Sighted Woman
Silke A  Blind
Sille She Who Is Blind
Silvana A Woman Of The Woods
Silvestra A Woman Of The Forest
Silvi A Woman From The Woods
Silvia Forest, From The Forest, Woodland
Silviea A  Woman Of The Woods
Silvija One Of The Woods
Silviya Art Full, From The Forest
Silvya Latin Of The Forest
Silwa She Who Is Of The Forest
Simeona She Who Hears, She Who Listens
Simi Limit, To Behold, Gracious
Simmone One Who Listens Well
Simona A Woman Who Listens
Simonette She Who Is Heard
Simonida A Woman Who Is Heard By God
Simonne One Who Listens Well
Simunka To Hear, To Be Heard
Sinapopla A Systematic
Sinarah Beautiful Kind Soul
Sindhi One Who Is Like A Little Cinders
Sindy Bright, Form Of Cynthia, Woman
Sine One Who Has Felt The God's Graciousness
Sinead She Who Felt The Gace Of God
Sini A Poetic Name For The Color Blue
Sinikka One Who Is Like The Color Blue
Sinitalela Little One From The Ashes
Sinja Merriment
Sinopa Fox
Siobhan God Is Gracious
Siofra One Who Is Like An Elf
Siolaa Sunflower
Siomha One Who Is Like A Good Peace
Siona Stars
Sioned She Who Felt The Kindness Of The God
Sira She Who Comes From Syria
Sireda A Wise Advice That Brought Victory
Siren An Enchanter
Sirena A Siren
Siriol A Woman Of Cheerful Nature
Sirmata A Trusted, Reserved
Sisely A Woman Who Can't See
Sisika Bird
Sisiliya Blind One, Variant Of Cecilia
Sisilla A Woman Without A Sight
Sisley She Who Can't See, A Blind One
Sisse She Who Has No Sight, A Blind Woman
Sissel A  Who Is Blind
Sissela To Be Without A Sight, To Be Blind
Sissie Blind One, Without Sight
Sissy A Little, Dear Sister
Sivia One With A Hart Of A Deer
Sivya One With A Hart Of A Deer
Siw She Who Is A Bride
Siwa The Goddess Of Love
Siwan She Who Knows God's Kindness
Siyona Lovely, Happy
Skky From The Heavens
Skyla Scholar, Sheltering, Sky, Learned
Skylaa Cloud
Skylaar The Isle Of Skye
Skylar Sheltering
Skylarr The Isle Of Skye
Skyli A Woman Scholar
Skylie She Who Is A Scholar
Skylla Cloud
Skyllar The Isle Of Skye
Skyrah She Who Is An Academic
Slane She Has Good Health
Slania Health And Wellness
Slany To Be In Good Health
Slatka Sweet Or Sweetly Flavored
Slavenka A Slavic Woman
Slavica She Who Brings Glory
Slavitsa Glory
Slavka She Who Achieved Greatness
Sloane Man Of Arms
Slobodanka Freedom
Smaragda A Form Of Esmeralda, Meaning Emerald
Smiline Beautiful
Smilla Smiling A Beautiful Smile
Snefrid One Who Loves Snow
Snezhana A Snowy Woman
Snjezana The Snow Woman
Sobeska Appropriate Glory
Soby Knowledge
Sofea Wisdom, Graceful
Sofhiya Wisdom, Knowledge
Sofia Knowledge, Wisdom
Sofie Wisdom
Sofieke One Who Is Wise
Sofija A Woman Full Of Wisdom
Sofiya Shyness, Good Character
Sofy Wisdom
Sofya Shyness, Good Character
Sohnian A Happy, Artistic, Creative Being
Sohvi A Woman Of Wisdom
Soila A Glow Of The Northen Polar Lights
Sojourner One Who Stays For A While
Sokanon Rain
Sola A Woman Who Is Alone
Solana Warm, Bright Like A Sunshine
Solange She Who Is A Religious Woman
Soledad Solitude
Soleileia An Enduring , Affectionate Individual
Soleine A Woman With Solemnity
Solenne She Is Like A Sunlight
Soleste A Woman Who Is Heavenly
Soley A  Who Is Like A Sunshine
Solfrid She Is Beautiful Like The Sun
Soliesse She Who Is Like A Sun
Solita A Little Loner
Solja A Place Name, A Village In Finland
Sollemnia One Who Is Very Religious
Solveig The Strenght Of The Sun
Solveiga Strength Or The Sun
Solvej The Strenght Of The Sun
Solvey Strong As The Sun
Solvig Strong Like The Sun
Somer A Form Of Sommer
Somerild One Who Is A Traveler In The Summer
Sommer Summer Season, Place Name
Somoche A Distinguished Woman
Sonata A Music, A Sonata
Sondra Defending Men
Sonel Lily
Songya Wise, Has Wisdom
Sonicky A Clever Minded, Thoughtful Individual
Sonji Great Wisdom, Knowledge
Sonnet A Little Song
Sonnia Wise, Beautiful, Pretty
Sonnya Wisdom,Skill
Sonoma A Place Name
Sonora Loud
Sonrisa She Who Is Full Of Smiles
Sontee A Strong Woman
Sonya Russ
Sookie Like The Lily Flower
Sooleawa Silver
Soon-Bok Gentle And Blessed, One With A Gentle Soul
Soovi A Form Of Sophie, Wisdom
Sophea Clever, Wisdom
Sopheah She Whohas The Wisodom
Sopheia A Woman Of Wisdom, Knowledge
Sophelia One Who Helps With Her Wisdom
Sophia Knowledge
Sophie Wisdom, Skill, Beauty, Wise
Sophiee Wisdom
Sophina A Little Wise One
Sophonisba A Princess
Sophy Variant Of Sophia
Sopio Georgian Form Of Sophia, Wisdom
Sorana One Beautiful As A Dawn
Soreana Strict And Stern
Soredamors Name Of Gawain's Sister
Sorella A Sisterly Woman
Sorena A Sternperson
Sorina A Sun-Like Woman
Sorsha A Woman Who Shines Brightly
Sosanna Like A Lily Flower
Sotiria Brings Salvation To People
Sousanna A Woman Graceful Like A Lily Flower
Souzan She Has The Grace Of A Lily Flower
Souzanna Noble Like A Lily Flower
Sovia Great Wisdom, Skills
Sowena Success, Achievement
Spasenka Rescue, Save
Speranza A Woman Who Brings Hope To Men
Splanna Cornish Word Meaning Brighter
Splendora A Brilliant, Bright Woman
Sprig Like A Spring
Spring Springtime, Spring Season, Rapid
Sprota An Elf Woman
Staciannie A Beautiful, Upstanding Woman
Stacy Resurrection, Diminutive
Stafinia Unique, Miracle, Daughter Of God
Stahyana A Beautiful Clearing
Stana Always Remains Standing
Stanburch Amusing, Tidy, Social Person
Stangiva Adorable, Friendly Individual
Stanguie Artistic Abilities
Stangyth A Considerate, Responsible
Stanilde From The Lands Of Stone
Stanislava A Woman Who Achives Fame
Staniue An Organized
Stanka Standing In Glory
Stanley Stony Place
Stanuie One Who Becomes
Stanze One Who Is A Steadfast Woman
Stara One Who Is Old
Starla A Form Of Star
Starleen A Form Of Star
Starlene A Star
Starley A Form Of Star
Starli Like A Star
Starlyn A Form Of Star
Starlynn The Star Of Beauty
Starr Esther, Stella, Stirring
Starrla A Star
Stasya Strength, Fame Or Firmness
Stavroula Cross In Greek
Steevie Crowned With Garland
Stefa The Crown
Stefani Crown
Stefania Wears The Crown
Stefanie Feminine For Stephen
Stefanni Crowned With Garland
Stefany A Crowned Woman
Steffani Crowned With Swag
Steffanie Crowned With Wreath
Steffi A Woman Who Has The Tiara
Steffie Coronet, Form Of Steven
Steffina Crowned In Victory, Wreath
Stefka She Who Has The Crown
Stefna Shining, Brilliant, Gleaming
Steinunn Stone, Wave
Stela Croatian Form Of Stella, Star
Stella Deviation Of Estella
Stellina A Little Shining Star
Stellita A Who Is Like A Little Star
Stenicia Light Of World
Steniya A Princess
Stephaine Crown
Stephani A Crown On Her Head
Stephany Crowned, Swag
Stephenie Crowned, Wreath
Stephia Crowned
Stephy Garland, Crowned
Steren A Star
Stevie Crown
Stien A Good Christianity Woman
Stina She Is A Good Christianity
Stine Anointed, Woman
Stjepana Female Of Stephan
Stockard Stockyard
Stojanka Stands Firmly On The Ground
Stonilda A Stony Woman
Storm Violent Weather
Stormie A Storm
Stormie Tempestuous
Stormy Violent Weather
Story She Who Likes To Tell Stories
Stoyanka To Stand Or To Stay
Studena Cold, Chill
Stylanie A Star-Like Woman
Styliani A Woman With Stars In Her Eyes
Stylina Strong
Sucga A Topographic Name For A Tree Stump
Sue Lily
Sueanne Like A Lilly Flower
Suelita She Is A Little Lilly Flower
Suellen She Is Like A Lilly
Sueta Brings Light To The World
Sueteluue Light Bringer
Suette Luck, Good Fortune
Sueuilda A Good Personality, Friendly
Sufeanna Earnest, Self Concerned, Noble Person
Sukie Lily
Sukori Aid, Help
Suky She Who Resembles A Lily
Suma Flower, Natural, Everywhere, God
Sumee Friend, Glorious
Sumona A Baby  Born In The Summertime
Sunhilde She Is The Warrior Of The Sun
Sunki To Catch Up With
Sunna She Is The Sun
Sunngifu The Gift Of The Sun
Sunni The Gift Of The Sun
Sunnie The Sun's Gift
Sunnild She Is Like The Sun
Suprema Loving
Surelis The Responsible, Truthful
Susan Holy, Descent, A Pretty Plant, Kinship
Susana Lily, Flower Name, True Beauty
Susanita Lily Flower
Susann White Lily
Susanna Lily, Rose, Anemone, True Beauty
Susannah Variant Of Susan, Lily
Susanne Lily Flower, Lily
Susi Horse, Swallow, Moth, Lily
Sussan White Lily
Sussi Nickname For Susan
Suuvi A Southern Child Of The Summer
Suvi A Summer Shild From The South
Suzaana Fragrance Flower
Suzaber A Desirable, Easy Going, Mature Person
Suzane A Flower, A Lily, A Rose
Suzanna Lily, Variant Of Hebrew Susannah
Suzannah She Looks Like A Rose Or A Lily
Suzanne Lily, Form Of Susan
Suzette Lily
Suzilah A Rose Or A Lily
Suzonne Who Is Like A Rose
Suzuma Mother Of Thinking
Suzy A Dame Who Is Like A Lily Flower
Suzynne A Dame Who Is Like A Rose
Svala Swallow, The Bird
Svana A Swan In The Battle
Svanhildur A Swan
Svantje A Swan
Svea A  Who Is Swedish
Sveta One Who Shines With The Divine Light
Svetlana She Who Shines Brightly
Svitluska Light
Svjetlana Croatian Form Of Svetlana, Light
Swaantje A  Who Is Elegant Like A Swan
Swai Little, A Bit
Swanhilda She Who Is A Battle Swan
Swanild She Acts Like A Battle Swan
Swantje A Swan
Sweetlin Pure As Milk, White, Ancient
Sweety Sweet, Attractive, Charming, Happiness
Swethyna A Sweet Loved One
Sweting A Sweet, Pretty, Lovable
Swetiue Lovable, Attractive, Cute, Pretty
Swetyene She Who Is A Sweet Love
Swetyne A Sweet Love
Swintayla A Cute, A Sweet
Swonild A Responsible, Clever Minded Person
Swoosie A Half Swan, Half Goose
Syani One Of Cheerful Nature
Sybbly One Who Is Like An Oracle
Sybella A Form Of Sybil
Sybil Greek Prophetess
Sybilla Prophetess, Oracle
Syble A Prohet
Sybyle A Woman Who Is A Prophet
Sybyll She Who Predicts Future
Sybylla The Future
Sydelle A Princess
Sydnee Wide Meadow
Sydnei A Wide Island
Sydneigh A Very Wide Island
Sydniegh Of Wide Islands
Sydny She Who Is Of The Wide Island
Sydnye She Who Lives On A Wide Island
Syflede A Hard Worker Who Is Efficient
Sylva Woods, Woodland, Forest
Sylvana A Lady Of The Woods
Sylvanna A Damsel Of The Woods
Sylve The Strenght Of The Sun
Sylvia Forest, From The Forest, Wood, Lumber
Sylviane Wood, Forest
Sylvie Forest, Wood, From The Forest
Sylvina A Dame Of The Forest
Sylwia A Lady Of The Forest
Sym Like A Symphony
Symona She Who Hears Everything
Symsa A  Flourishing, Blooming, Successful
Syna The Goddess, Princess, Angel
Syndal The Woods
Syndia Woman From Kynthos
Syndony A Meadow, One Who Is By The Riverside
Synne She Who Is Of The Sun
Synnove The Sun's Gift
Syntyche With  Sweet Fragrance
Syrena She Is A Siren
Syretia A Serious, Autonomous, Curious Being
Syriana A Woman From Syria
Syrita A Sun
Syryia She Who Is From Syria
Sysley A Woman Who Has No Sight
Syssota A Powerful, Brave, Spirited
Syuzanna Graceful As A Lily Flower
Syvva A Wooden Woman
Szonja A Woman Who Is Wise

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