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Muslim Baby Boy Name Start With 'I' 》Name》Meaning 》Guide

Select Meaningful Muslim baby Boy name for your little prince from our list.

Muslim Baby Boy Name Start With 'I'

Important Instruction - Before choosing a Muslim name for your boy starts with ‘I’ makes sure:
  • Choose the name to your child with positive attributes - Your baby deserves a good name that conveys positive values. Please Don’t choose a name that has negative attributes Like dullness or awkwardness. Instead, think a name that you associate with wellness, beauty, intelligence, strength, and independence.
  • Be conscious about how the name sounds - Make sure your child’s name will sound better with your surname. To find it out say the first and last name loudly to find out how both names and surname sound together.
  • Make sure to check the initial of each name. An Example If you select name for your baby ‘Ratib’ and your name is Asif and your surname is Tawil. By taking the initial of each word you saw ‘RAT’. Don’t do such a mistake. Choose a name that does not spell out an unexpected word.
  • Imagine your baby Boy as an adult with your selected Muslim names for boys starts with ‘I’.
  • Also, check the meaning of your selected Muslim names for boys starts with ‘I’.

Name Meaning
Iayan A Prince
Ibaad Request, Desire
Ibaadah Love, Respect
Ibada Adoration, Respected
Ibadah Respect
Ibadat Wish, Adoration, Fidelity
Ibdar Light Of The Moon
Ibhraim Prophet's Name
Ibkar Early Morning
Iblit Inspire, Admirable Love
Ibnabbas Son Of Abbas
Ibnain Opportunity
Ibraheem A Prophet's Name
Ibraheim The Father Of Nations
Ibrar Peaceful, Helpful, Supportive
Ibrees A Titan
Ibreez Pure Gold
Ibsan Beauty, Attractive
Ibtesam Smile
Ibtihaj Joy, Delight, Enjoyment
Ibtihal Supplication, Humble Desire
Ibtikar Improvement
Ibtisam Happy, Smiling, Joyful
Ibzan Objective, Intention
Idaan A King
Idalat Victory, Success
Idara Happiness, Delight
Idhan King, A Significant Period
Idraak Intellect, Inspection, Realization
Idrak Win, Recognition
Idrees A Prophet's Name, The Lord Of Fiery
Idrish Undetectable
Ieethaar Sacrifice, Selflessness
Iefan Gracious, Congenial
Iesa A Prophet's Name
Ifaan Knowledge, Awareness
Ifaaz Assistant
Iffan Occasion, Season
Iffat Good Quality, Chastity
Iffath Desirable Quality
Ifham Encouraging Speech
Ifiyan Forgiven
Ifraan Identity, Personality
Ifraaz Altitude
Ifran Identity
Ifran Uniqueness
Ifraq Love, Adore
Ifraz Height, Altitude
Ifser Helpful, Practical, Useful
Iftar Light, Brightness
Iftekar Gift Of Allah
Iftekhar Admiration, Beauty, Brilliance
Iften Brightness
Iftequar Imperial Parson
Iftikar Self Respect
Ifzal Distinction, Authority
Ifzan Gift Of God
Igtidar Power, Ability
Ihaab Reward, Leather
Ihaan Organizer, Establish, Sunrise, Daylight
Ihana Happiness
Ihram White Cloth, Unique
Ihsaan Beneficence, Assistance, Present
Ihtesham Brilliant, Magnificent
Ihtiram Admiration, Kindness
Ihtishaam Wonderful Qualities
Ihtisham Brilliance, Chastity
Ihtsham Force, Potency, Strength
Ihtsham Potency, Power, Strength
Ihzaan Humanity, Beneficence
Iihan Careful
Iizhar Submission, Directness, Appearance
Ijaaz Miracle
Ijhan Descent
Ijlaal Elevation, Adoration
Ijtiba Selected
Ikbal Beauty, Fortune
Ikhlaaq Ethics, Virtues
Ikhlaas Honesty, Authenticity, Clarity
Ikhlaq Principles, Virtues
Ikhlas Sincerity, Cleanliness
Ikhtiyar Alternative, Favorite, Variety
Ikhwaan Brother
Ikleel Boss Of Prophets, Swag
Ikraam Compliment, Respect
Ikram Admiration, Veneration
Ikramah A Female Pigeon
Ikran Honored, Grateful
Ikrash Good-Looking, Attractive, Smart
Ikremah A Female Pigeon
Ikrimah A Female Pigeon
Iksir Elixir
Iktiyar Favorite, Selection, Variety
Ilaan Clever, Intelligent
Ilahi Heavenly, Divine, Great
Ilann Intelligent, Smart, Clever
Ilfan Exclusive, Attraction
Ilhaam Motivation, Inspiration
Ilhaan Valuable, Polite
Ilham Revelation, Encourage
Ilhem Inspiration
Ilifat Gentleness, Responsibility, Friendship
Iliyas Singer Of Natures, Attractive
Iliyaz Beautiful Observer
Illan Youth
Ilman Familiar Person
Ilmudeen Educated Person
Iltaf A Poetry
Iltifaat Regard,  Thought
Iltimas Request, Petition
Ilzan Powerful, Strong
Imaad Support, Pillar
Imaan Trust, Certainty, Realistic, Believer
Imaaz Variety, Lovely, Friendly
Imad Maintain, Pillar
Imam Believes In God
Imamu Organizer, Minister, Priest
Imamul Religious Leader
Imana Ultimate God
Imani Honest, Truthful
Imara Potent, Power, Relentless
Imaran Strong
Imdaad Facilitate, Support
Imdad Contributions, Support, Assistance
Imhal Forbearance, To Be Patient
Immad Helper
Immel Flowers
Imran Success, Powerful, Wealthy
Imrana Flourishing, Socialism
Imranul Wealth
Imraz Prosperity, Success
Imroz God Gifted, Brightened
Imrul Strong Willed, Self-Sufficient
Imsaal Distinctive, One Of A Kind
Imshaz Loving, Caring
Imtayaz Distinction
Imteyaj Historic, A Great King, Opportunity
Imteyaz Feature
Imthiyaz Guiltless, Honest
Imthyas Unique
Imthyaz Chosen One
Imtiaaz Freedom, Peculiarity
Imtiaj Truthful, Great
Imtias Characteristic, Privilege
Imtiaz Bright, Power
Imtinan Appreciation, Gratefulness
Imtisal To Follow, Duplicate
Imtiyas Exclusive, Unique
Imtiyaz Traditional, Dissimilar, A Great King
Imtyaj Opportunity, Antique
Inaam Compensation
Inaayat Gift, Humanity
Inam Gift, Reward
Inamul Wealth, Success, Prosperity
Inayat Kindness
Inayath Reward, Generous
Inbihaj Joyfulness, Pleasure, Pleasure
Inbisat Happiness, Joyfulness, Comfort
Inesa The Lord Vishnu
Infari Sweet, Cute
Infisal Deviation, Partition, Distance
Inham Clean, Reward
Iniat Approval, Blessing
Injah Success
Insaaf Impartiality, Honesty
Insaf Honesty, Justice
Insar Assistant, Supporter
Insha Judgment, Celebrated
Inshaf Impartiality, Justice
Inshan A Gift
Insimamm To Get Together, To Join
Intaj A King, Wonderful
Intakhab Selection, Last Vision
Intekhab Selected
Intesar Waiting
Intiha Conclusion, Terminate
Intikhab Variety, Alternative
Intisaar Achievement, Victory
Intisar Victory, Accomplishment
Intizar Expectation
Inzan Quiet Mountain
Iqbaal Success, Wealth
Iqbal Riches, Wealth, Beauty Destiny,
Iqdam Bravery, Courageousness
Iqlas Well Artificial
Iqleem Land, Zone, County
Iqmal Spirit, Strength
Iqraam Support, Admiration
Iqrash Smart, Virtuous, Religious
Iqrit Humorous
Iqtidaar Ability, Power
Iqtidar Facility, Power, Office,
Iqubal Wealth, Success
Iqyan Gold
Iravat Rain Clouds
Irene Stillness
Irfaan Gratitude, Familiarity, Insight
Irfad Supportive
Irfan Insight, Gratefulness
Irfhan Knowledgeable, Knowledge
Irhaan Ruler, Champion
Irham Loveable, Generous
Irhan Winner
Irman Wish, Aspiration
Irmas Strong, Harsh
Irphan Knowledgeable
Irsad Truthful, Moral
Irsan A King
Irshaad Indicator, Direction
Irshaan Upright
Irshad Guidance, Direction,
Irshan Moral, Lion
Irshat Leadership
Irshath Direction, Regulation
Irshith Management
Irtiqa Ascended
Irtiza Approval, Support
Irtiza Happiness, Agreement
Irufan Gratefulness
Irzan Successful, Attraction Live
Isaam Protect, Protector
Isaamm Safeguard
Isaaq Honest, Reliable
Isaar Selflessness
Isamm Protect
Isbaah Sunrise
Isbah Daylight
Isfaar Bright
Isfaque Kindness, Kind Encourage
Ishaak Gladness
Ishaan The Sun
Ishac Love
Ishak Never Ends
Ishal Flower, Richness, Wealth
Ishaque Powerful
Ishar God
Ishat Better, Superior
Ishat Superior, Happiness
Ishayu Strength, Potency, Power
Ishfaaq Compassion, Humanity, Sympathy
Ishma Greater, Superior
Ishme Love
Ishraaq Shine
Ishrat Pleasure, Delight, Joy
Ishtayaq Desire, Excitement, Fancy
Ishtiaq Wish, Craving
Ishtiyak Silence
Isir Strong, Powerful
Iskandar Protector Of Mankind, Alexander
Islaah Alteration, Development
Islaam Quiet, Very Safe
Islah Alteration, Development
Islam Peaceful, Very Safe
Ismaail A Muslim Prophet
Ismad Guard
Ismah Protection, Infallibility
Ismat Purity, Protection
Ismaw Defense, Protection
Ismit Honor, Respect
Israail The Chosen One
Israar Privacy, Retreat, Obscurity
Israeli Struggles With God
Israh An Independent
Israi Wrestled With God
Issak Wonderful, Laughter
Issam Protect, Self-Made
Issaq Joyful, Love
Isteyak Expect, Powerful
Isthiyaq Expectation, Sturdy
Istifa To Prefer
Istiqlal Independence
Istiyak Hope
Istiyaq Powerful
Itban Responsible
Ithaar Selflessness
Ithan Pompous, Strong
Itidal Moderateness, Moderation
Itimaad Reliance, Dependence
Ittifaq Union, Friendship, Harmony
Ivaan Undefeatable
Ivan God Is Generous
Iwin Silent
Ixzi A Plam Tree
Iyaad Powerful, Generous
Iyaan The Lord Shiva
Iyaas Reward
Iyad Support
Iyas To Relieve
Iyaz Protection, Guard, Generous
Iydin Greatest
Izaad Support, Reliability, Support
Izaan Obedience, Approval, Admiration
Izaaz The Respect
Izad The God
Izaf Leaf
Izam The Powerful, Potent
Izan Respect
Izar Star
Izaz Esteem, Observe, Love,
Izdihar Successful, Blossoming
Izfaar Achieve Victory
Izhaar Express, Assertion
Izhan Good-Looking, Loved
Izhar Capitulation, Clearness, Appearance
Izik Laughter
Izin Authorization
Izmaa Advanced Place
Izran Star, Information
Izrin Beautiful, Attractive
Izum Respectful, Genuine
Izyaan Smart
Izzaan Receipt, Submission, Respect
Izzan elegant
Izzat Control, Celebrity, High Rank
Izzudin Strength Of The Faith

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