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Muslim baby boy name start with 'E' » Name » Meaning » Guide

Select Meaningful Muslim baby Boy name start with 'E' for your little prince from our list.
Muslim baby boy name start with 'E'

Important Instruction - Before choosing a Muslim name for your boy starts with ‘E’ makes sure:

  • Choose the name to your child with positive attributes - Your baby deserves a good name that conveys positive values. Please Don’t choose a name that has negative attributes Like dullness or awkwardness. Instead, think a name that you associate with wellness, beauty, intelligence, strength, and independence.
  • Be conscious about how the name sounds - Make sure your child’s name will sound better with your surname. To find it out say the first and last name loudly to find out how both names and surname sound together.
  • Make sure to check the initial of each name. An Example If you select a name for your baby ‘Ratib’ and your name is Asif and your surname is Tawil. By taking the initial of each word you saw ‘RAT’. Don’t do such a mistake. Choose a name that does not spell out an unexpected word.
  • Imagine your baby Boy as an adult with your selected Muslim names for boys starts with ‘E’.
  • Also, check the meaning of your selected Muslim names for boys starts with ‘E’.

Name Meaning
Eadan Modest Fire
Eahsan Gentleness, Compassion, Supportive
Eajaz Wonder, Miracle
Easah Diviner Name
Eashan The Lord Vishnu
Ebadaah Request To Allah
Ebadat Desire
Ebadot Respect, Prayer
Ebadul Energetic, Brilliant
Ebi Paternal, Loving
Ebin Rock
Eblis A Devilish Man
Ebraheem Mystic
Ebrahiem The God's Messenger
Ebrahim The Earth
Ebran Variant Of Ibrahim
Ebrin Artistic, Inspired, Creative
Ebshaan Entirely Loved
Econ Strong, Sturdy
Eden Place Of Happiness, Joy
Edhem Dark-Skinned
Edin Confidence
Ednan Delight, Enjoyment
Edrish Indiscernible, Lord Of Mountain
Eeda To Deposit, Assign
Eehaan The Sun
Eeid Carnival, Day Of Celebration
Eenam Gift, Compensation
Eeshal Cute, Attractive, Name Of Flower In The Paradise
Eezah Clarification, Explanation
Efaaz Assistant
Efaz Greatest, Amazing, Helper
Efti God’s Gift
Ehaad Worship, Love
Ehaam Valiant, Realistic
Ehaan Full Moon
Ehad Love, One Of A Kind
Ehan Full Moon
Ehfaz Brave
Ehsaan Excellent, Good
Ehsaas Feel
Ehsan Charitable, Honesty, Kindness, Powerful
Ehsanul Assistant
Ehsanullah Daylight, Wishing
Ehtasham Brilliance, Respect, Immensity
Ehtashamul Reticence, Civility
Ehteram Respect, Admiration
Ehtesham Wonderful, Gift From God
Ehtiram Respect, High Regard
Ehtisham Decency, Humility
Ehzan Fire, Soul Of The Moon
Eid Festival, Day Of Celebration
Eifad A Mission, Assignment
Eihab To Bestow, To Give Freely
Eiham Desire
Eijaz Blessings, Marvel
Eikram Credit
Eileen Lovable, Attractive
Eimam Organizer, Chief
Eimen Miracle
Einas Feel At Quiet
Eira Kindling, To Encourage
Eisa Form Of Jesus, Salvation
Eithan Strong, Proud
Eithen Long-Lived, Enduring, Permanent
Eitzaz Name Of Mystic
Eiwa To Provide Shelter, Provide Protection
Ejaaz Miracle, Surprise
Ejas Wonder, Amazement
Ejaz A Miracle, Inimitability, Matchlessness
Ejlaal To Respect, Praise
Ejub Persistent To God
Ekaan Good, Excellent
Ekbal Dignity, Distinction
Ekerma Only One, Reputation
Ekhlaq Character, Spirit
Eknoor One Light, God’s Light
Ekram Respect
Ekran Pleased, Happy
Ekrem Good, Most Respected
Ektiar Power, Ability, Direct, Master
Elaaf Promise, Expletive
Elaf Promise, Swear, Safety, Defense
Elamin Truthful
Elan Tree, Welcoming
Elana A Dolphin
Eldar Battle With Fire
Elend Sun Rays
Eleyas A Name Of Forecaster
Elgizouli Kind, Truthful
Elham Motivational, Inspiration
Elhan A Prince
Eliahu A Prophet
Eliash Name Of Clairvoyant
Elif Slim, Tall
Elijah Beautiful, Sweet, Elegant, Loving
Elind Sunrise
Elish God Is Salvation
Eliyas Name Of Prophet
Eliza Promise Of God
Ellen Bravery, Daring
Elnur Famous, Well-Known
Elsadig Restricted, Fanatical
Elsamhudi Love Of Allah
Elshan Brilliance
Elsheikhidris Organizer, Prince Of Allah
Elvedin Generosity Of Faith, Gift
Elyasin Name Of A Prophet
Elzein Handsome, Attractive
Elzin Good-Looking, Smart
Emaad Pillar, Support, Poise, Amazing
Emaan Trust, Belief
Emaaz Please, Satisfy, Delight
Emad Support, Pillar, Buoyancy
Emam Organizer, Chief
Emamul Religious Leader
Emarul Independent, Strong Willed
Emaz Agreeable, Kind, Loving
Emdad Expressive Nature, Inspiring
Emil Challenger, Productive
Emin Honest, Positive
Emir A Prince, A Leader, A General Of The Army
Emmad A Leader, Remarkable
Emman Confidence
Emon Starred, Honest, Voice
Emory Strongly Courageous
Emraan Growth, Achievements
Emrah Older Brother, Loving Friend
Emran Progress, Success
Emre Loving, An Big Brother
Emtehan Assessment
Emtiaj Honest, Truthful
Emtiaz Opportunity, Bright
Emtiyaj Freedom, Great King, Historic
Enait A God's Gift
Enamul Prosperity, Wealth, Success
Enamullah God's Gift
Enayat Beauty, Kindness, Approval, Generosity
Enayath Humanity, Concern Interest
Encarna Blessed, Brand
Endadul Support, Cooperative
Ender Scarce, Insufficient, Rare
Enes He Who Is Friendly, Genial
Eneviri A Blessed, Revered Saint
Enis One Who Is Friendly
Ensar Great, Helpers
Ensimam To Get Together, To Connect
Enver Brightness, Intensity
Eqaan Believer, Supporter
Eqbal Prosperity, Achievement
Erad Profit, Revenue
Eraj Sunrise Light
Eram Garden In Bliss
Eran Follower, Land Of Aryans
Erdelan A Royal Family
Erfaniron Spirit, Heart, Gratefulness
Ergin Ripe, Developed, Seasoned
Ermin Entire, Universal, Whole
Erol Brave, Valiant
Ershad God Gift Forever
Ertaza Approval, Support
Ertugrul Wild Bird, Perfumed Flower
Erzhan Brave, Spirited
Esa A Prophet Of Allah
Esaan Obedience, Respect
Esad Very Lucky, Blessed
Esak Striking, Beautiful, Good-Looking
Esam Safeguard, Protect, Defend
Eshaan Desiring, Wishing
Eshad Favorite, Brother Of Prophet Isa
Eshak Never Ends
Eshal Music, Shell, Melody
Eshan Shining, Passion Of The Sun, Precious
Eshaq A Prophet's Name
Eshrath Friendship, Intimacy, Adoration
Eskandar Iranian Form Of Alexander.
Eslam Religion
Esmail A Name Of Mystic
Esmam Kind, Helpful, A King, Caring
Esmat Distinction, Pleasure, Delight
Esmin A Kind Man
Esrafil Angel Blow The Trumpet
Esref Without Pain
Essa Adore, Jesus, A Prophet's Name
Essak Laughter, Joyful
Etan Stable, Resolution, Loyalty
Etemaad Belief, Trust, Hope
Etemad Loyalty, Expectation, Reliance
Etesham Wonderful, Brilliant
Etizaaz To Become Powerful, Honored, Strong
Ettifaq Unity, Friendship, Agreement
Evrad Youthful
Ewaan Young Warrior
Ewazi Reserve, Substitute
Eyad Possesses Authority
Eyan Kind, Diplomatic, Well Bloomed
Eyazi Alternate
Eyhab Uncle
Eylo Eagle, Brave, Daring
Eyman Right Side
Ezaan Beautiful, Polite, Respectful
Ezaj Believer, Flower Of Heaven, Support
Ezan Reception, Obedience
Ezath Respect, Admiration
Ezatullah Respect Of Allah
Ezaz Honor, Satisfying, Accepted
Ezdan Lenient, Kind
Ezekiel Power Of God
Ezer Helper, Strong
Ezhaan God Gifted
Ezhil Attractiveness, High Determination Power
Ezra Modest, Salvation, Assistant
Ezrah God’s Help
Ezzat Respect, Admiration, Value
Ezzatollah Respect
Ezzi To Facilitate

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