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Hindu Girl Name Starting With P - (Latest 2020)

Select Meaningful Indian Hindu Girl Name Starting With P for your little princess from our list.
Hindu Girl Name Starting With P

Important Instruction - Before choosing Hindu Girl Name Starting With P for your girl makes sure:

  • Choose the name to your child with positive attributes - Your Baby Girl deserves a good name that conveys positive values. Please don’t choose a name that has negative attributes like dullness or awkwardness. Instead, think a name for your baby girl that you associate with wellness, beauty, intelligence, strength, wellness, and independence.
  • Be conscious about how the name sounds - Make sure your Hindu Girl Name Starting With P will sound better with your surname. To find it out say the first and last name loudly to find out how both name and surname sound together.
  • Make sure to check the initial of each name. An Example If you name your baby Rishika and baby’s father's name is Akshay and your surname is Tanna. By taking the initial of each word you saw ‘RAT’. Don’t do such mistake. Also, check the same for Baby Girl Names Starting with P. It may affect in future. Choose a name that does not spell out an unexpected word.
  • Imagine your baby girl as an adult with your selected Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With P for Girl.
  • Also, check the meaning of your selected Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With P.

Latest Indian Hindu Girl Name Starting With P:

Name Meaning
Paawni Sacred
Padhuni Lotus
Padma Lotus, Goddess Lakshmi
Padmagriha One Who Resides In Lotus
Padmaja Born Of A Lotus
Padmakalyani Name Of A Raga
Padmakshi The One With Lotus
Padmal Lotus
Padmalaya The one who Living In A Lotus
Padmamalini Lotus Garlanded
Padmanjali Means Offering a Lotuses
Padmapriya One Who likes Lotuses
Padmarati Lover Of Lotuses
Padmarupa The Beauty Of A Lotus,  Name For Laksmi
Padmashree A Lotus
Padmasri Divine Lotus, As Beautiful As A Lotus
Padmavati Full Of Lotus Flowers, A Wife Of Asoka
Padmini The One Who Sits On Lotus
Pahal Beginning Initiative, Start, Facet
Pahi Petal Of A Flower
Pahi Petal Of A Flower
Paithu The Green, the Land, the County
Pakhee A Bird
Pakhi Bird
Pakvika Goddess Saraswathi
Palak Eyelash
Palakshi White
Palasini Covered With Foliage, A River
Palita Guarded, Protected, Cherished
Palka A Remote Place
Pallavee Bird
Pallavi Bloom, A Young Shoot
Pallavika Resembling A Blossom, A Scarf
Pallavini One With New Leaves
Palomi Honey
Pameela Honey
Panbu Good Character
Pancalika Princess Of Pancala, Doll
Panchali Draupadi's Name
Panchi Bird
Pandura Yellow Lady
Panihata Created By Hand
Panini Skillfull
Panisthi Admiration, Praise
Panitha Admired
Panjari Impression Of Full Hand
Pankaja Lotus
Pankhadi Petals
Pankhuri Petal
Pankita Line
Panna Emerald
Panna Emerald
Panthini The One Who Leads The Way
Panvi The God
Panya Admired, Astonishing, Respected
Papiha A Singing Bird
Parajika Raagini
Paramatmika Possessing A Supreme Soul, The Supreme
Parameshwari Goddess Durga
Paramesvari Supreme Goddess
Paramita Wisdom
Paramjyothi Goddess Durga
Parankshi Eyes Like Leaves
Parapusta Female Cuckoo
Parashree Ganga
Parasmani Touchstone
Parasuhasta With An Axe In Hand, An Attendant Of The Devi
Paravati Coming From A Distance, A River
Paravi Bird
Pari Fairy
Paridhi Realm
Parijat A Celestial Flower
Parina Fairy
Parinaaz Sweet, Fairy
Parineeta Married Woman
Parineetha Married Woman
Parinika A Small Leaf, Parvati
Parinistha Dwelling At The Top, Highest Point
Parinita Expert, Married Woman, Complete
Parisa Like Paris
Parita In Each Direction
Parivita Extremely Free, Extremely Liked
Pariyat Flower
Parmila Wisdom
Parmita Wisdom
Parnal Leafy
Parnashri Leafy Beauty
Parnavi Bird
Parni Leafy
Parnika A Small Leaf
Paroksi Beyond Perception, Mysterious, Undiscernable
Paroo Goddess Parvati
Parthavi Goddess Sita
Parthi Queen
Parul Practical, Beautiful, Gracious
Parushi The Beautiful And Intelligent
Parvani Period Of The Change Of The Moon
Parvathi Goddess Paarvathi
Parvati A River
Parvati The Mountains, The Stream of Mountain
Parveen A Star
Parvinder God Of Gods
Parvini Festival
Patali The Trumpet Flower
Patri Vessel, Small Furnace, Worthy
Pauravi Horizon On East And West
Pauravi Descended From Puru
Pausti Strong, Satisfied
Pavana The Wind
Pavani Pure, Clean
Paveena Freshness, Purity
Pavi Lightning
Pavika Goddess Saraswati
Pavithra Beautiful
Pavithritha Happy
Pavitra Sacred
Pavitra Pure, Clean, Holy, Sacred
Payal Anklet
Payala The Food
Payoja Lotus
Payosni A River Starting From The Vindhya Mountains
Peehu It means Great
Pelava Delicate, Fine, Gentle, Soft, Tender
Pema A Lotus
Peralagi Girl Of Great Beauty
Peya Everyone's Favourite
Phalak Sky
Phalavati Fruitful, Successful
Phalguni Full Moon Day In The Month Of Phalgun
Phalini Fruitful
Phalya Flower, Bud
Phoolan Flower
Pia Beloved
Pihoo Sweet Sound, Pea-Hen
Piki Indian Cuckoo
Pilak Yellow Coloured, Golden Oriole
Pinal God Of Child
Pitika Saffron, Yellow Jasmine
Pivari A Wife Of Sukha
Piyali A Tree
Piyusha Amrit
Polita Intelligent
Polivu Beauty Personified
Ponnammal Golden Girl
Ponni Name of River Kaveri
Ponnilai A Golden Leaf
Pooja, Puja A Worship
Poojita Prayer
Poojitha A Worshipped
Poomaalai Garland Of Flowers
Poonam The complete Moon
Poorani Lot Of Goodness
Poorbi Eastern
Poorna Complete
Poornima Full Moon
Poorva Earlier, Prior, One, Elder, East
Poorvaganga River Narmada
Poorvi A Classical Melody
Poovarasi Beautiful Queen Like A Flower
Praanvi Forgiveness
Prabha Light, Splendor
Prabhada Lady
Prabharoopa Goddess Durga
Prabhata Goddess Of Dawn
Prabhati Morning
Prabhavali Shining, Graceful, A Raga
Prabhavati Luminous, Radiant
Prabhrithi From Destiny
Pracheeta Origin, Starting Point
Prachi Eastern
Pracika Driving, A Female Falcon
Pradeepa Light
Pradeepta Glowing
Pradha Extremely Distinguished, Supreme
Pradhi Great Intelligance
Pradhyumna The Character Name In Mahabharatham
Pradipta Glowing
Pradipti Light, Luster, Radiance
Pradnya Wisdom
Prafula In Bloom
Pragalbha Expert
Pragati Progress
Pragya Prowess
Praharshita Ever Happy Girl
Prahasini Continues Smiling Girl
Prajana Goddess Saraswati
Prajna Intelligence, Discrimination
Prajwala Bright
Prakhya Appearance, Brightness
Prakirit Highly Famous
Prakruti Nature
Prama Foundation and  True Knowledge
Pramada Beautiful Lady
Pramila One Of Arjuna's Wives
Pramiti Knowledge Of Truth
Pramuditha Joyous
Pranaali System
Pranati Prayer
Pranavee Goddess Parvati
Pranavi Goddess Parvathi
Pranayita Kept Alive
Pranidhi Spy
Pranisha Love To Life
Pranita Led Forward, Advanced
Pranja Very Cute
Pranjali Upright, Respectful
Prapthi Determination
Prapti Achievement, Success
Prarthana Prayer
Prasa Ardent Desire
Praseeda Be Pleased
Prasha A Mark Of Love
Prashansa Praise
Prashasti Fame, Praise
Prasoona A Flower
Prasutha Flower
Prateeksha Waiting
Prathibha Light
Prathichi West
Prathika Beautiful, Symbol
Prathiksha Hope
Prathima Beautiful Pleasant
Prathista Create
Prathitha Confident
Prathithi Faith
Prathyaksha Hope
Prathysha Early Morning
Prathyta Mingle
Pratibha Talent
Pratika An Image
Pratima Idol
Pratishtha Honour
Pratistha Steadfastness, Stability, Base
Pratyaya Perception, Thought, Intention
Pratyusha Early Morning
Prava A Daughter Of Daksa
Prayaathi Goes
Preet Love
Preetha One Who Is Happy
Preeti Love
Preksha Viewer, Beholding, Viewing Oneself
Prem Love
Prema Beloved, Love, Affection, Kindness
Premalata The Vine Of Love
Premavati Full Of Love
Prerana Direction, Command
Prerita To Inspire
Presanna Cheerful, Pleased, Happy
Preshti Ray Of Light
Prestha Hurry, Quick
Preya Beloved
Preyasi Beloved
Prina Content
Prisha God's Gift
Prita Dear One
Prital Loved One
Prithika Flower
Priti Pleasure, Joy, Satisfaction
Pritikana An Atom Of Love
Priya Beloved, Dear
Priyadarshini Lovely
Priyal Beloved
Priyala Bestowing Pleasure, A Vine
Priyam Beloved
Priyamvada Sweet Spoken
Priyanka Dear One
Promita Idol
Prsani Tender, Gentle
Prsasti Fame, Praise, Glorification
Prsti Rib, A Ray Of Light, Touch
Prthika Jasmine
Prthvi The Broad, The Earth
Prudvika Earth
Prurpriya Dear Of Many
Prutha Daughter Of Love
Pugalvadivu Admirable Girl
Puja Worship, Honour
Pujita Worshipped
Pujya Repectable
Pulakitha Shivering With Joy
Pulkitha Embrace
Punarvi Reborn
Punita Sacred, Holy
Punnagai Lovely Smile
Punya Virtuous , Good Work
Puravi Eastern, Living, A Ragini
Purnima The Night Or Day Of Full Moon
Purnodara With Satiated Appetite, A Deity
Puruvi From The East
Purva Elder
Purvaja Elder Sister
Pusa Nourishing, Cherishing
Pusha Nourishing
Pushpa Flower
Pushpanjali Flower Offering
Pushpita Decorated With Flowers
Pushpitha One That Has Flowered
Pushthi Confirmation
Pushti Fatness, Growth, Comfort
Puspa Flower Like, Flower
Puspadanti Flower Toothed
Puspajati Born Of Flower, Nectar
Puspendu The Moon Of Flower, The White Lotus
Puspi Flower Like, Tender, Soft
Putholi New Light
Puti Purity

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