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Christian Boy Names Starting With A - Latest 2020

Important Instruction - Before choosing Christian name start with A for your boy makes sure:
  • Choose the name to your child with positive attributes - Your baby deserves a good name that conveys positive values. Please Don’t choose a name that has negative attributes Like dullness or awkwardness. Instead, think a name that you associate with wellness, beauty, intelligence, strength, and independence.
  • Be conscious about how the name sounds - Make sure your child’s name will sound better with your surname. To find it out say the first and last name loudly to find out how both names and surname sound together.
  • Make sure to check the initial of each name. An Example If you name your baby Robert and your name is Adam and your surname is Taylor. By taking the initial of each word you saw ‘RAT’. Don’t do such a mistake. Choose a name that does not spell out an unexpected word.
  • Imagine your baby Boy as an adult with your selected Christian names starts with A for boys.
  • Also, check the meaning of your selected Christian names for boys starting with A.
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Christian Boy Names Starting With A

Name Meaning
Aabel The Breath Of God
Aadam Of The Earth
Aadan The Earth, Small Flame Of Fire
Aadrian A Man From Hadria
Aaidan A Fiery Young Man
Aaran Glorious, On High, Light Bringer
Aaric Rule With Mercy
Aaron Progressive, Exalted, Shining Light
Aaronn One Who Is Glorious
Aaydan A Fiery Young Man
Abasalom Son Of King David
Abba Born On A Thursday
Abbott Father, Priest
Abby Father
Abdiel Servant Of God
Abe Father Of A Multitude
Abel Breath
Abell Exhalation Of Breath
Aberlin A Man Of Multitudes
Abhatha A Bubbly, Excited Person
Abida Worshipper
Abie Father Or Mother Of Many
Abijah The Lord Is My Father
Abner Father Of Light
Abraam Father Of A Multitude, Father Of Nations
Abraham Father Of Multitude
Abram High Father
Abrasha Father
Absalom God The Father Of Peace
Absalon Good-Looking Prince,  Father Of Peace
Absolom My Father Is Peace
Acacio The Lord Holds Adam
Acelin Little Noble One
Acer Unity
Achill Pain, Place Name
Acke The Father Of Peace, The  God
Ackerlea Oak Meadow
Ackerley Meadow Of Oak Trees
Acklea Oak Meadow
Ackley A Form Of Ackerley
Acklie Place Name
Acton Oak
Adair Form Of Edgar
Adam The First Man, The Earth
Adamm Of The Earth
Addai Man Of God
Addan Of The Earth
Adden One Who Is Fiery
Addison Son Of Adam
Addo Happy, Ornament
Addonis A Handsome Young Man
Adeen Little Fire
Aden Attractive, Handsome, Pleasure
Adenn One Who Is Fiery,  Little Fire
Adi Beginning,  First Born, Better
Adiba Cultured, Respectful
Adlai My Witness
Adler Eagle
Adley Immediately
Adli Just, Intelligent
Adlin Kind, Noble
Admon Red Peony Flower
Adney Lives On The Noble's Island
Adolph Noble Wolf
Adon Lord
Adonai My Lord
Adonnis In Mythology
Adriaan A Man From Hadria
Adrian The Dark One
Adrianno Dark,  Rich
Adriano From Hadria
Adriel God Is My Master, Flock Of God
Adriell Congregation
Adrien Rich, Wealthy
Adrin Grace,  God Is Genial
Adryll God Is My Father
Adway One, United
Aiden Born Of Fire
Aegis Shield, Zeus
Aeithen God's Angel
Aelish Truth Teller
Aellan Harmony, Little Rock, Dignified, Marble
Aengus Exceptionally Strong
Agastin Worthy Of Respect, Great
Ahaan Dawn, Positive Dawn, Morning
Ahmaad Most Highly Adored
Ahmik Strength Of Gods Flock
Aidan Higher, Mystery, Intelligent
Aidann A Fiery Young Man
Aiden Born Of Fire
Aidenn A Fiery Young Man
Aiiden A Blazing Young Man
Aiken The Oaken
Ailbert High-Born, Bright, Noble
Ailward Noble Guard
Aimery Hard Working Ruler, Industrious
Aitan Fights Of Possession
Aiven Little Archer
Aji Tell, Taste
Ajin Unique,  Merciful
Ajoy Joyful, Supreme, Unconquerable
Alaan Handsome
Aladdin Peak, Height Of Faith, Brilliance
Alambha Judicious Person
Alan God Of Shine, Handsome, Cheerful
Alann Handsome
Alastair Defender Of Mankind
Alban From Alba, A City On A White Hill
Albern Noble Courage
Albert Noble
Albin White, Old English For Brilliant
Albion White,Fair
Alby A City On A White Hill, White
Alden Old And Wise Protector, Defender
Alderidge Alder Ridge
Aldford The Old River-Ford
Aldin Defender, Old Friend
Aldis The Old House
Aldon Old, Wise Protector, Old Friend
Aldred Old, Wise Counselor
Aldrich Old, Aged And Wise Ruler
Aldridge Old Leader, Sage, Noble Ruler
Aldrin Old And Wise Ruler
Aldus From The Old House
Aldwin Old Friend
Alec Gorgeousness, Beauty
Aleck Defender Of Mankind
Aleksandar Defending Men
Alen Fair, Handsome
Aleric High Born Ruler, Ruler Of All
Alerick High Born Ruler
Alessandro Defending Men
Alex Form Of Alexander, Helper
Alexander Helper, Protector
Alexandro Defending Men
Alfie Counsel From The Elves
Alfonzo Ready For A Fight, Noble And Ready
Alford Old River Ford
Alfred Counsel From Elves
Alfrid Sage, Elf Counsel
Alfy Counsel From The Elves
Algar Noble Spearman
Algernon Bearded, Wearing A Moustache
Alian Tall
Alic Defender Of Mankind
Alick Defender Of Men
Alii The Uppermost
Alijah The Lord Is My God
Alik Defender Of Men
Alisander Protector,  Defender Of Mankind
Alistair Variant Of Alexander
Alix Defender Of Mankind
Allan Agreement, Stone, Noble, Fair
Allard Noble
Allen Form Of Alan, Noble
Allgar Spear From The Elves, Elf Spear
Allin Fair, Handsome
Allister A Form Of Alistair
Allon An Oak, Strong, Rock
Allonzo Prepared For Battle
Allric Old Leader
Allvin Noble Friend
Allwin Victory In All
Allyn Handsome, Comely, Little Rock
Alon Fair, Handsome, Both A Diminutive
Alonzo Eager For Battle
Alphonce Intelligent, Courageous, Strong
Alphonzo Ready For Battle, Noble And Ready
Alston Noble's Resolution
Alton From The Old Town
Alured Sage, Counsel From The Elves
Alvar Army Of Elves
Alven Noble Friend, Elf Friend
Alvie Noble Friend, Diminutive Of Alvin
Alvin Noble Friend, A City On A White
Alvis All-Knowing, All Prudent
Alvy Noble Friend, Intelligent
Alvyn Noble Friend, Elf Friend
Alwin Noble Friend, Guardian, Beloved
Alwyn Noble Friend, Elf Friend
Amal Hopes
Ambrose Enduring
Amery Productive
Amiir A Prince
Amirr A Prince
Amman Peace, Quite
Amon Realistic, True, Educator, Builder
Amory Industrious Leader, Brave
Amos Troubled
Amran The People Is Exalted
Anakin Warrior, Soldier, Hidden
Ananias The Cloud Of The Lord
Anavil Clear, Pure
Anbu Kindness, Softness, Love
Andd Manly
Ander Defending Men
Anders A Man
Andersson Son Of Andrew
Andre Virile, Manly, Heroic, Masculine
Andres Manly, Warrior, Masculine, Brave
Andreu Masculine, Warrior
Andrew A Strong Man
Andreyan Dark One, Man From Hadria
Andy Manly, Brave, Variant Of Andrew
Angello A Messenger Of God
Angus Servant Of The Lord
Anigar Powerful, Dominant
Anndy Manly
Anscom Lives In The Valley
Anscomb Valley Of The Awesome
Ansen Son Of The Elegant One
Anson Anne's Son
Anthoniin Estimable, Priceless, Good
Anthonny A Flourishing Man
Antionne A Flourishing Man
Antoney Worthy Of Praise, Beyond
Antonnio A Flourishing Man
Antonny Priceless
Antony Priceless, Highly Praiseworthy
Antwan Beyond Price, Precious
Aram Highness
Arasu Most Powerful Person Of The World
Archer Bowman
Archibald Bold Prince
Archie Bold, Form Of Archibald, Very
Ardis Great Forest
Ardley Fervent Meadow
Ardon Bronze
Ari A Lion
Aric Ruler Of All, Sacred Ruler
Ariel Lioness Of God
Arik Ruler Of All, Sacred Ruler, Noble
Arjan The Archer
Arkhippos Ruler Of The Horses
Arledge Lake With The Hares
Arlen Oath, Pledge
Arley Meadow Of The Hares
Arlo Fortified Hill
Armand An Army Man
Armann Aspiration, Wish, Desire
Armstrong Strong Arm
Arnald Eagle Ruler
Arne As Powerful As An Eagle
Arnie Eagle Power, Glorious
Arnold Strong As An Eagle
Arnon Rushing Stream
Arnulfo Wolf
Arny The Eagle Rules
Arockia Healthy
Aron To Sing
Aroon To Sing
Arric Ruler Of All
Arron Superior, Exalted, High Mountain
Arsenio Virile
Arthur Champion
Artie Noble, Rock, Adherent Of The
Artis A Form Of Artis
Artur Bear, Rock, Thor
Arvel Wept Over
Arven Friend Of The People
Arvin Friend To All, Graceful
Aryaan Of The Aryan Race
Asaf Gathers
Asaph One Who Gathers Together
Asher Blessed, Fortunate
Ashlay The God
Ashron Son Of God
Ashur Born During Month, Blackness
Aslin Son Of God, Gift From God
Athelstan Name Of King, High-Born Rock
Atkins From The Home Of The Relatives
Atley Meadow
Atwater From The Waterside
Atwood Forest Dweller
Aubrey Ruler Of The Elves
Aubyn White
Audley Prosperous Guardian, Old Friend
Audrin Nobility, Grace, Handsome, Genius
Austen Respected, Majestic
Austin Helpful
Averel Fighting Boar, Boar Battle
Avery Elfin Ruler
Avi Sun And Air, Honest
Avidan God Is Just
Avital Father Of Dew
Avith Wicked, Perverse
Aviv Spring
Axeel Source Of Life
Axel Divine Reward
Axell Source Of Life
Axxel Source Of Life
Ayaan First Ray Of The Sun, Nature
Ayan Movement
Aydden A Fiery Young Man
Aydeen A Fiery Young Man
Ayers Heir To A Fortune
Aylmer High-Born, Renowned, Nobly Famous
Aylward Noble Protector, Noble Guardian
Aylwin Noble Friends
Aymin Fortunate, Blessed One
Azariah Variation
Aziel The Lord Is My Strength
Aziza The Cherished One
Azriel God Is My Helper

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