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Unique Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter 'A'

Select meaningful Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter 'A' for your little princess from our list.

Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter 'A

Important Instruction - Before choosing the names for your baby girl makes sure:
  • It sounds well with your surname.
  • Imagine your baby girl as an adult with your selected Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter 'A'.
  • Take your partner’s opinion on your selected Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter 'A'.
Also, check the meaning of your selected Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter 'A'. Now, let's go………

List Of Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter 'A'

Aadarshini Idealistic, dreamy
Aadhila Honesty, morality
Aadhitya Lakshmi  The Surya Lakshmi
Aadhya The Beginning, First
Aadhyakshara The First Letter (Aum)
Aadita From The Beginning
Aadrika  A Mountain
Aahlaadita Bubbling With Delight
Aahna Exist, be alive
Aakanksha Desire, wish
Aakasini Sky, heavens
Aakriti Shape
Aalapani  A Singer
Aamani Spring Season (vasanth Ritu)
Aamodhini Joyful, happy
Aamukta Can’t Be Touched – Precious
Aanandamayee Joyous, happy
Aanandi Always Happy
Aanandita The Happy One
Aanchal Protective Shelter
Aaradhya Worshiped, Adorable
Aarika Admired For Looks
Aarini Adventurous, fearless
Aarohi A Music Tune
Aarupya Beautiful, stunning
Aarushi First Rays Of The Sun
Aasha Hope, ambition
Aashalata Creeper Of Hope
Aashika Lovable, sweet
Aashna Beloved; Devoted To Love
Aashritha Dependable
Aassis Blessings
Aatmaja Daughter, Dear To The Soul
Aayushi One With A Long Life
Abha Lustre, Shine
Abhati Splendour, Light
Abhaya Fearless
Abhi Fearless, brave
Abhidha Literal Meaning
Abhidhya Wish, Longing
Abhijaata Born With A Good Pedigree
Abhijita Victorious Woman
Abhijna Remembrance, Recollection
Abhilasa Desire, Wish
Abhilasha Wish, Desire
Abhilasha aspiration
Abhilashitha Who Wishes
Abhinava newest
Abhinaya Expressions In Dance
Abhinithi That Which Is Already Been Performed, Friendship
Abhiprithi Full Of Love
Abhirami Goddess Parvati
Abhirathi Joy, Pleasure
Abhirupa Beautiful Woman
Abhisarika Companion, Beloved One, friend
Abhisri Surrounded By Glory, Shining, Powerful
Abhithi Fearlessness
Abirami Goddess Lakshmi
Abja Born In Water
Aboil The Name Of A Flower
Achala Unshakeable, Mountainous
Achala Kumari Parvathi
Achala Constant, regular
Achalewari Constant
Achyuthavalli A Creeper
Acira Brief, Swift, Fast
Adarsha Perfect,  Ideal
Adhira Lightning
Adishree Glorious,  Exalted
Aditha The First Root
Adithi Freedom, Safety, Abundance
Aditi Guest, Mother Of The Gods
Aditi Mother Of Gods
Adrija Of The Mountain, Another Name For Parvathi
Adrika Celestial
Advika Unique
Adwita only one of its kind
Adwiteya Distinctive, unique
Adwitiya Matchless, beyond compare
Adya First, Unparalleled
Agamya Knowledge; Wisdom
Aghanashini Destroyer Of Sins
Agnishikha Flames Of Fire
Agrata Leadership
Agrima Guidance, direction
Ahalya Wife Of Rishi Gautam,
Ahalya Rishi Gautam's Wife, Woman Rescued By Lord Rama
Ahilya Maiden
Ahimsa Nonviolent Virtue
Ahladita  Happy, In Happy Mood, Joyous
Ahladita In Happy Mood
Ahladitha Delighted, happy
Aishani Goddess Durga
Aishi God's Gift
Aishwarya Prosperity, richness
Aishwarya Wealth
Aja One Who Is Self Existent
Angana Beautiful Woman
Ajaa Shakti
Ajala The Earth
Ajanta A Famous Buddist Cave
Ajaya Unconquerable, undefeated
Ajeeta Invincible, Unconquerable
Ajita A Winner
Akalka Free From Impurity, Moonlight
Akane Someone You Can't Stop Loving
Akanksha Desire, Wish
Akashleena Star
Akhila Whole, Complete
Akhila Whole, Complete, Universal
Akhila Complete
Akhilamba Parvathi
Akira Graceful Strength
Akriti Shape
Akriti Diagram
akruti Prince
Akshadha God's Blessings
Akshainie Goddess Parvati
Akshara Letters
Akshata Rice
Akshaya Indestructible
Akshi Existence, Eye
Akshita Permanent, Seen
Aksithi Imperishability
Akula Goddess Parvati
Alaina Dear Child
Alak World; Beautiful Tresses
Alaka A Girl With Lovely Hair, Beauty
Alakananda Name Of A River
Alaknanda A River In The Himalayas
Alamelu Wife Of Lord Venkateswara
Alankrita Decorated Lady
Alda Rich
Alekhya A Picture Or A Painting
Alisha Protected By God
Aliveni With Black Plait
Alka Lock Of Curly Hair
Almas Diamond
Aloki Brightness
Alopa Faultless
Alpa Little, small
Alpana A Decorative Design
Alvars Anemone Type Of Flower
Amal , Amala Bright, Clean, Pure; Hope
Amala Deepthi Camphor
Amala, Amla The Pure One
Amaldeepti Camphor
Amaldeepti Camphor
Amani Road, One Who Shows The Path
Amara Grass, Immortal
Amari Eternal
Amaris Child Of The Moon
Amarta Immortality
Amba Goddess Durga
Amba Parvati
Ambalika Mother, One Who Is Sensitive
Ambalika Mother, One Who Is Sensitive
Ambar Sky
Ambhuja White Lotus
Ambika Mother Goddess
Ambika Goddess Parvati
Ambu Water
Ambuda Cloud
Ambuja Born Of A Lotus; Goddess Lakshmi
Ambujakshi Lakshmi, Having Eyes Like Lotus Petels
Amita Limitless
Amithi Immeasurable
Amiya Nectar
Amoda Happiness
Amodini Happy Girl
Amrapali Famous Courtesan Who Became A Devotee Of Buddha
Amrita Nectar, Immortality
Amrita Immortality
Amritambu Moon
Amritayi The Immortal. Lord Vishnu
Amrithakala Imperishable Art
Amritkala Nectarine Art
Amritrashmi Moon Light
Amrusha Sudden
Amrutha Varshini Bestows Nectar
Amshula Sunny
Amulya Precious
Amulya The priceless
Anaamika Nameless, Ring Finger
Anagha Sinless
Anahita Graceful
Anala Fiery
Anamika Ring-Finger
Anamitra The Sun
Ananda Kumari Of Happiness, Joy, Bliss, Pleasure
Anandalakshmi Goddess Of Happiness
Anandamayi Full Of Joy
Anandani Joyful
Anandi Joyful; Unending
Anandi Jovial
Anandini Joyful
Anandita Joyous
Anandita Happy
Anangana Beautiful A
Anantha, Anantya Endless, Eternal
Ananthakshi Lakshmi
Ananthi Gift
Anantya Endless, Eternal
Ananya Matchless
Anarghya Priceless
Anasuya Non-Jealous, Sage Atri’s Wife
Anasuya Without Spite Or Envy
Anathi Modest, Respectful
Anavi Kind To People
Anbar Perfume; Ambergris
Anchal Shelter
Anchal The Decorative End Of A Sari
Anchala Unshaken
Anchita Honored, Worshiped
Anchita Honoured, Worshipped
Andal Tamil Saint, One Of 12
Angaja Daughter Of
Angana Handsome Woman
Angarika Flame Coloured Flower, Palash Or Flame Of The Forest
Angha Beauty
Angira Mother Of Birhaspati
Angoori Grape-Like
Anhithi Gift, Donation
Ania Grace
Aniha Indifferent
Anija Sister
Anika Goddess Durga
Anima Part Of A Minute
Anindita Beautiful
Aninditha Virtuous, Venerated
Anisa Joy And Pleasure
Anisha Uninterrupted
Anisha Continuous
Anishka Who Has Only Friends
Anita Full Of Grace
Anita Grace
Aniya Creative
Anjalee Homage
Anjali Offering
Anjalika One Of Arjuna’s Arrows
Anjana Mother Of Hanuman
Anjani Unknown, Mother Of Hanuman
Anjika Blessed
Anjini Mother Of Hanuman
Anju One Who Lives In Heart
Anjum A Token
Anjushri, Anjushree Dear To One’s Heart
Anjushri, Anjushree Dear To One's Heart
Ankaiyarkanni Eyes Like Fish (Tamil)
Ankal Whole
Ankamalika Garland
Ankita Devoted, Empress, One With Auspicious Marks
Ankita Conquered, A Signet, Symbol
Ankitha With Auspicious Marks
Ankitha With Auspicious Marks
Ankolika An Embrace
Anmisha Sacred Fish
Anmol Priceless
Anna Sustenance
Annada Goddess Durga
Annapoorna Goddess Who Gives Food
Annapurna Goddess Parvati; Generous With Food
Annika Goddess Durga
Annisa Friendly
Anokhi Unique
Anoushka Lightning
Ansha Portion
Anshi God’s Gift
Anshika Minute Particle
Anshita A Part Of
Anshu Rays, Tears
Anshula Sunny
Anshumaala Garland Of Rays
Anshumali Sun
Anshumayi Jyothi
Ansukha Silk Cloth
Ansuya Learned Woman
Antara Crescendo In Hindustani Music
Antara The Second Note In Hindustani Classical Music
Antariksha Space; Sky
Antini Living In A Hermitage
Antra Music Lesson
Anu Anu Atomic Anu
Anubhuti Experience
Anudeepa The Sacred Light
Anudeepthi Divine Light
Anuga A Companion
Anugraha Divine Blessing
Anugya Permission
Anuhya Something Unexpected, In A Pleasant Way And Valuable
Anuja Little Sister
Anukampa Grace
Anukeertana Praising God’s Virtues
Anukriti A Picture
Anula Not Wild, Gentle
Anulata One Who Is Slim, A Creeper
Anulekha Beautiful Picture
Anulekha One Who Follows Destiny
Anuloma Sequence
Anumati Consent
Anumegha Following The Rain
Anumeha After The Rain
Anumita Love And Kindness
Anunitha Courtesy
Anupa Pond
Anupama Unique, Un-Comparable
Anuprabha Brightness
Anupriya Beloved
Anuradha One Of The Stars
Anuradha A Bright Star
Anuragini Beloved
Anurati Consent
Anusha Beautiful Morning, A Star
Anushka Lightning
Anushri Pretty
Anushta Cool
Anusri Glorious, Famous
Anuttara Unanswered
Anuva Knowledge
Anvi One Who Has To Be Followed
Anvita Who Bridges The Gap
Anwesha Quest
Anwita Goddess Durga
Anya Means Others, Unbelonged
Aolani Cloud From Heaven
Apala A Wise Woman From The Myths
Aparaa Materialistic Knowledge
Aparaajita Unconquerable
Aparijita Undefeated; Name Of A Flower
Aparna Goddess Parvati
Aparoopa Extremely Beautiful
Apeksha Expectation
Apsara Celestial Maiden
Apuroopa The Unique
Apurva, Apoorva Like Never Before, Unique
Apurva, The Unique
Araceli Gates Of Heaven
Aradhana Prayer, Worship
Aradhana Worship
Aradhitha Worshiped
Araja The Daughter Of Sukra
Arathi Worship
Arati Hymns Sang In Praise Of God, Divine Fire In Ritual
Arati, Aaarti Worship
Arati Hymns Sang In Praise Of God
Aravindha Archa
Archan Worship
Archana Worship, Offering Archi
Wife Of Prudhvi
Archana Worship
Archini Ray Of Light
Archita One Who Is Worshiped
Ardra 6th Nakshatra, Deeply
Arghya Offering To The Lord
Arianna Holy One
Arij Sweet Smell
Ariktha Fulfilled
Ariona Bringer Of Life
Arja Divine
Arjuni Dawn, White Cow
Arkita Plentiful
Arletha Everlasting
Armita Desire
Arni Sun
Arogyada Granter Of Good Health
Arpana Offering
Arpana Surrendered
Arpita Dedicated
Arshi Goddess Durga
Arshia Heavenly
Arshiya Divine, Makes Heaven Forgettable
Artana Vanquisher Of All Foes
Aruna Dawn
Aruna Kumari Reddish Girl
Aruna Lochani With Red Eyes, Goddes Kali
Arunaruna Of Colour Red
Arundhathi Fidelity
Arundhati Morning Star
Arundhati A Star
Aruni Dawn
Arunika Of Colour Red
Arunima Glow Of Dawn
Arushi Dawn, Red Sky In The Early Morning
Arwa Female Mountain Goat
Aryahi Goddess Durga
Aryama The Sun
Aryana Noble
Asaavari Name Of A Raga Or Melody
Asah Plant Known For Its Greenness
Asavari The Name Of A Raga Or Melody
Ascharya Surprise Aseema,
Aseema, Ashima Limitless
Asgari Devotee
Asha Hope, Aspiration
Asha Latha Increasing Desire
Asha Hope
Ashakiran Ray Of Hope
Ashalata Creeper Of Hope
Ashani Lightening
Ashavari Name Of A Raaga
Ashika One Without Sorrow, Mercury
Ashima Limitless
Ashima Without Borders, Limitless
Ashira Wealthy
Ashis Benediction
Ashita River Yamuna
Ashlesha A Nakshatra/ Star
Ashleshakumari Born In Ashleha Month
Ashmita Rock Born, Hard And Strong
Ashna Friend
Ashnaa Friend, Daughter Of King Bali
Ashoka Without Grief
Ashritha Dependant
Ashu Quick
Ashwabha Lightening
Ashwini Name Of A Star, Female Horse
Ashwini A Star
Asita The River Yamuna
Askini Daughter Of Prajapati Virat
Aslesha Name Of A Star
Aslesha A Star
Asmita Pride
Astha Faith
Astha Lakshmi Eight Forms Of Goddess Lakshmi
Asvika A Little Mare
Asya Grace At-Ay
Atasi A Blue Flower
Atheeva Ultimate
Athyujwathi Brightly Shining
Atiriya Beloved, Very Dear
Atiya Gift
Atmaja Daughter, Dear To Soul
Atmaja Daughter
Atmikha Light Of God
Atreyi Name Of A River
Atulya Uncomparable
Auhna Passion
Avaapya Achieving
Avajitha Success, Victory
Avalikumari Seetha
Avani, Abani Earth
Avani, Avni The Earth
Avani Earth
Avanija Born Of Earth, Godess Seethe
Avanti Ancient City Of Ujjain
Avantika Princess Of Ujjain
Avantika City Of Ujjain
Avasa Independent
Avathansha Adorned With Ornaments
Avathara Incarnation
Avathi Splendor, Light
Avibhajya Cannot Be Seperated
Avigna Without Obstacles
Avinashika Indestructable
Avishi Earth, River
Avnita The Earth
Ayanna Innocent
Ayathanana Broad Faced
Ayathi The Daughter Of Lightening
Ayeh Sign; Distinct
Ayesha Wife Of The Prophet
Ayurda Bestower Of Longevity
Ayushi Long Life
Ayushmat One Who Has A Long Life
Ayushmati One Who Has A Long Life
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